June 26, 2017

Monday Motivation

Starting the week after a weekend like we just had is always hard.  I would so much rather be on the beach but life doesn't work quite like that. Instead, I am up early having some coffee in peace and trying to find some motivation to get me through the week.

Today we are headed to the gym, the library, the hospital and then to the store real quick for a few things I forgot to get yesterday. I am determined to stay on top of things this week.  This includes 3 days at the Y, taking time to sit and enjoy a book and getting my MRI scheduled and maybe even done this week. I have been seriously avoiding it.

Someone replied to one of my snaps last week with "Aren't you supposed to be sick or something?" Truth is, I have really been struggling with this. To sick to be healthy, but to healthy to be sick. Right before the boys wrapped up the school year, I was barely getting out of bed all day.  They were gone from 8-3 and aside from letting the dogs out, I really didn't have to do much. Now with them home ALL day, I don't have that choice. Every morning I convince myself that it will be easier once I get up and moving. Some days all I can do is hang on and survive. But some days, when I can, I get to prove to myself that I am able, despite everything, to actually thrive. The goal most weeks is to thrive more than just survive.  

Resentment and anger have been getting the best of me lately. I am not an negative person. Sarcastic sure, but angry, not so much. But how am I supposed to feel when someone who has been a part of our family after almost 17 years turns out to be everything everyone said she was. And you were the one constantly defending her. Long story short, divorce is ugly. A family getting pulled apart and my niece and nephews getting stuck in the middle of it, sucks. But talking to my brother and feeling his pain, is heartbreaking. Fingers crossed things work out tomorrow.  

Anyways!  Its time to get the day started.  Yes, I am already running late. But Im determined to make the most of it and get it done.  

By done, I mean laundry.

 And a little laugh before I go.  Just sayin...

I hope that you are able to take a minute today and be thankful to be alive and breathing.  And then do something for yourself.  As a reward.  You know, for being alive and all that :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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