June 30, 2017

Beach, Books and Bloodwork

This week kinda just disappeared on me. One minute it was Monday and I was at the hospital the next thing I know it was Thursday and I was a different hospital. Yeah, Its about time you show your face Friday!

Im so thankful for weeks like this one. The kind that you really need to get through without any major complications. Life has been crazy enough lately, Im glad it spared me this week. So its finally Friday and time to share some of the happiness from this week. Keeping it quick and simple because I have a hot date with the couch and a pile of laundry.
  1. Today is my first nephews birthday! Happy Birthday Aaron!
  2. Netflix. So much netflix.
  3. Emails from blog readers. Hi Noel.
  4. Weekend adventures.
  5. Bloodwork that explains why I feel like this!
  6. Talking out some things out with my sisters.
  7. The boys and I picked up a new book to read. Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff.
  8. Orgain Protein. Its all I can stomach some days.
  9. Getting my MRI over with. Now we wait.
  10. Spending time on the couch with David.
Now I have to figure out where we are going this weekend. David has the beach bug but the boys want to stay in a hotel so we can shower the sand off. City boys! Hahaha. I want to hit up a new park but everyone else says it's too hot to hike. Maybe we should try the river? Or a trip up to Austin and take that off the Summer Bucket List! Ooh yeah.  That would be good too. Im so horrible about making choices. Who am I kidding, we are probably going to end up back at the beach. Again, no complaints here!

What are you guys up to this weekend. I hope your weather is beautiful and you get to spend some time with family and friends. Whatever you end up doing, I hope it makes you happy!

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