May 24, 2017

Transplant Clinic Follow Up

Monday was my 6 month follow up at the Transplant Clinic and things went pretty much the way I was expecting.  We waited a little.  They moved their waiting room and now it's so tiny and cramped. I wouldn't doubt it if they moved again in the near future.  I just miss the good old days.  Clearly Im not good with change in certain areas of my life.


The mass in my gall bladder is not calling for any concern at 0.6mm.  She said once it reaches 1mm then we will talk more.

Labs are good.  INR was 3.3 which means my MELD score is a little higher than usual.

Everything else looked good in imaging.  No big changes anywhere.

I can take 2 extra strength tylenol twice daily if needed.  Not sure if this is a win, since it doesn't touch the pain for me, but if it takes the edge off some of the bad days, I will give it a try.

She also said that the pain I have been having is most likely from my spleen being enlarged.

MRI to be scheduled before August.

I got home from taking Alex to school and the clinic called to let me know that it was felt the MRI should be done sooner rather than later.  Like next week.

Then less than 30 minutes later, my nurse calls to let me know that even though the Dr told me I could do labs every other month, my MELD score is a 20 therefor labs must be done monthly.  She also doubled my meds and send in the new prescription.

The MRI will let us know not only if the thing in  my gallbladder is growing but if my spleen is also. The average size is around 10/11 cm and according to my last imaging report, mine is 16. That on top of an angry gallbladder and liver explain a lot.

Did I not just say I wasn't a fan of change.  So confused as far as everything the Dr told me on Monday not being correct.  Its frustrating and after dealing with all these issues trying to get our medications filled, this is helping just about as much as the tylenol I took this morning.  Which is pretty much not helping at all. So, its off to find a comfortable spot on the bed and see if sleep does the trick.

I shared this on IG just before the calls came in.  This about sums up my life at the moment.  The days have been rough, but every morning brings hope that things will get better.  Every morning I wake up and am thankful for that alone. And tonight when I go to bed I will be looking forward to starting it all over again!

Happy Wednesday Yall!

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