May 22, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: May 22nd

It's Monday again.  And that means it's time for a new menu. Have you gotten your menu for the week together? Menu planning has saved my sanity. Every day the boys come home and are "starving" and every time David leaves work, he texts to let me know and always asks what's for dinner.  Everyone wants to know what I'm making so I better have an answer. Even if it is "whatever you find in the fridge!" Plus we all know that if it's not written down, I will forget it, so a menu plan is very much needed in this house.

This week is another pretty simple week. If you haven't caught on already, I love to cook, but I would rather not spend the whole day in the kitchen. Some days I do, but most days, I like to throw dinner together as fast as I can. Prepping for the week helps. Cutting veggies and portioning out everything. Getting it all done in one day really does make the rest of the weeks cooking go that much smoother.

I'm starting the week with spaghetti and salads. Can it get any easier than that. I'm mostly looking forward to these Burrito Bowls. They look amazing right? Mine will have just a few pieces of steak though. The Green Chili Chicken Bake is another winner. Its pretty much our usual chicken enchiladas minus the tortillas. 

This morning brings my follow up at the Transplant Clinic. I did all my lab work last week, so that's one less thing to worry about. My results better be good, my scans and scope from February were good too, so it should be a quick visit. It's the waiting for the doctor that gets me every time. Why do they take so long to see you but then spend so little time with you?  

What's on your menu for the week? Haven't got it done yet? No better time like now. Write it out and stick it up on the fridge or just keep in in a memo on your phone. Planning makes perfect. You can thank me later!

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