May 15, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: May 15th

I'm a little late to sit down today.  What a weekend eh?  Friday night was spend at the Trampoline park, Saturday we ran errands and Sunday we celebrated Mothers day and Anthony's 12th Birthday.  It was a fulfilling weekend for sure.

Davids schedule changed a little bit so we have a little bit of time this week after the boys go to school.  Kind of a nice change after him leaving before the sun most days. But that means getting home after bedtime. Thankfully it's not permanent and the boys only need be sad about missing out on their evening football throws with their Dad. And we finally got to finish up 13 Reason Why this morning. Oh man did that get my mind all out of sorts.

Menu planning a week ahead has been a fail.  This week it was kind of thrown together last minute and has not 1 but 2 crock pot meals. We didn't get to the store on Saturday and If anyone has ever been in an HEB store they know that it gets a little more than crazy on holidays.  Thank God for curbside pick up.  And I was still under budget!  Win!

I made hamburger helper tonight.  Why are my kids so excited to have boxed dinners? But I needed to keep things easy and happy tonight worked.  The two chicken recipes are new.  And both are crock pot meals, which are the complete opposite of how I have always made them.  But getting them cooking overnight so David has a warm lunch to eat before going to work is the plan.  We shall see.  I'm trying to keep an open mind about it.  David actually picked the Teriyaki recipe out of a book from the library.  And yes, he knows both of them are made in the crock pot. Which is a huge deal considering him and his dislike of crock pot dinners.

I got up a little late today but I will be back to my new regular wake ups tomorrow.  I think.  I still need to fold the towels that are in the dryer and pick up the kitchen but then its to bed to read for this lady.  Lab work in the morning for the Transplant Clinic and now that I think about it, I might need to do them for the my Hematologist too.  Yay...

I hope every one's week got off to a great start. If Monday was a drag, there is always Tuesday and the rest of the week to recover.

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