April 24, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: April 24th

And just like that its Monday. Again.

Did everyone have a good weekend? We had originally planned on going hiking this weekend, but after the week I had, we decided to play it safe and stick close to home. I got to spend my mornings next door with the sweetest little girls and then spent the rest of the weekend shopping. I'm not going to lie, I ordered my groceries and picked them up because there was just no time to be wandering through the store. Thank you HEB! I went over by a dollar but the fridge and pantry are full. That should last me at least till Thursday. Growing boys I tell you! I forgot bread but David can just grab some on his way home tomorrow.

My menu is pretty easy and I'm even using the crock pot tomorrow. Shhh, don't tell David. There are THREE new recipes too! And then there is Thursday. The boys asked if I could make "like something that comes out of a box!" Always so dramatic.  Sheesh!  Here is my menu for the week.

Monday:  Fiesta Chicken over cauliflower rice.

Tuesday:  Pork Carnitas tacos.

Wednesday:  Baked Crispy Chicken with salads.

Thursday:  Fish Sticks and macaroni.

Friday:  Leftovers.

I'm keeping my goals for the week pretty simple. A day of rain last week has the yard looking pretty hairy. And I feel like we have "stuff" tucked away in every corner of the house. When I am stressed and anxious, I purge. The house will be lighter by trash day for sure. This week has to be better than the last. Plus, it's Donate Life Month and I still have a few posts to kick out of my drafts folder. This week I am gonna pull myself together. A little. Baby steps!

  • Cut the yard.
  • Plant the cactus.
  • Purge linen closet.
  • Organize the pantry.
  • Transfer/order medications.
  • Post 3 times this week.
What's cooking in your kitchen this week? 

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