April 17, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: April 17th

I want so badly to be angry that the weekend is over but it seems Monday is one of my most hopeful days. The past few weeks I have said the same thing and then the weeks took a turn to hell, but there is just something about Mondays that have me all fired up.  Probably because they have been a nice clean slate after the crazy weekends we have been having.  That and knowing my menu is planned and ready to go. Who knew knowing what's for dinner each night could make such a difference!

Menu Planning

Saturday started with a trip up to the adoption event with the puppies.  People were instantly drawn into them.  Then we swung home to get the boys and head off to a baby shower.  By the time the shower was over, both puppies had been adopted and off to their new homes.  After the shower we came home, rested for a minute then headed next door for a BBQ.  We got home after midnight I think.  I stayed up and packed away kennels and cleaned up until well after 2am.

Sunday started out with more cleaning and planning our next house projects.  Then we headed over to Grandmas house for Easter lunch and fun.  She is the best at holidays.  The boys got to hunt for eggs. Twice. And still got an extra gift. She even had an Easter egg game for David and I.  Out of a dozen golden eggs, I picked all the candies and David got all the cash, but it was fun and luckily I'm no sore loser.

Now it's Monday and time for this weeks menu and goals.


Monday:  Baked Fish with cauliflower rice and salads.

Tuesday:  Chicken Taquitos

Wednesday:  Jalapeno Popper Chicken with Veggies

Thursday:  Leftovers.

Friday:  Club Sandwiches

Menu Planning

With the puppies gone, I am hoping to be able to get my house back in order.  Let me tell you, one foster is not so bad, but two puppies might have been a little overkill for me.  But I made it and now I am just flat out exhausted.  As far as last weeks goal go, I got the lawn mowed and yesterday finally got my frames up on the wall but they are currently filled with the stock photos.  I'll get to them later.  And I did manage to squeeze a nap in last week too.  But I think I failed my top 3 in the Fitbit challenge.  Better luck next time I suppose.  This week I am going to just enjoy not having puppies and getting things back to normal around here.


Drink more water.
Plan our next trip
Deep clean bathrooms.
De clutter under the sinks
Switch meds to 90 day supply.

Did everyone have a good weekend.  Hope y'all stayed out of trouble and had wonderful Easters!  I'm thinking a smoothie and reading sound like a plan here. I'm blaming the weather!! Happy Monday Everyone!

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