January 8, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: January 9th

I feel so prepared this week!  Shopping is done.  Food is half prepped.  Lunch and snack extras are stocked. My sink is empty and my counters are cleaned off.  The rest of the house is a mess but the kitchen is ready.  I should go take a picture, it will last longer.  Once I start cooking, it's all over!

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY:  Turkey Chili

WEDNESDAY:  Garlic Parmesan Wings

FRIDAY:  Leftovers

The weather here has lost its mind again.  Today we didn't go above 50 degrees.  By Wednesday we will be back up in the 80!  And then rainy and back down into the 60's by the weekend. No wonder everyone is feeling run down. Not to mention the allergies. Thanks San Antonio!  

Would it be bad if my only goals for the week were to get the Christmas lights off the house and figure out what we are doing for the little ones Birthday?  We are about to have an 8year old.  What?!  I guess I should also schedule a few procedures I need to get done this month and get a few other calls I need to make, over with.  Oh the joys of being Kim.  I hope everyone has an amazing week!

What's cooking in your kitchen this week? 

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