January 30, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: January 30th

This weekend was full of firsts.  Alex went to his first sleepover and Anthony stayed home.  It's been a long time since we have had him to ourselves.  Sometimes I forget he;'s not a little boy anymore.  It was nice to just sit and talk with him.  Where has the time gone?  We are putting our toes in the "teen" water and its a scary place my friends!

Two of my nephews are celebrating birthdays with week.  A change in medication for Anthony caused quite the disruption, but hopefully things will level out as the week goes bye.  And Wednesday I will be in the hospital for a few labs, scans and scopes.  Is it Friday yet?

I still have to go back to the store to finish up my shopping.  But at least I have my menu planned and enough to get us through a few days.

Menu Plan

Monday:  Salsa Verde Chicken.  Yes, I just made this, but all 3 guys asked for it again.

Tuesday:  Buffalo Ranch Drumsticks

Wednesday:  Lemon Pepper Turkey.  That way it's done when I get home from the hospital.

Thursday:  Parmesan Chicken.

Friday:  Leftovers.

These boys have had quite the opinions on my menu lately.  David and Alex insisted I make Beef and Broccoli but just had to have it last night instead of during the week.  Anthony would eat Lemon Pepper Turkey every week if I would make it.  But only if I make brown rice with it.  I love that they love all foods. Although they are growing tired of salads.

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  What are some of you favorite side dishes?  I'm running out of ideas here!

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