August 23, 2016

Hello Tuesday...

I started this post Sunday night.  Then Monday happened.  First day of school and the end of summer break.

After getting the boys off to school, David and I went out for breakfast.  When we came home I tried to avoid my bed at all costs, but in the end, the bed won. I slept for 2 hours.  And it was glorious!  So much for my to do list.  Somehome time skipped from noon to 2pm and it was time to start walking to the school.


Yesterday afternoon went by faster than the morning did.  The pick up at the little kids school was nuts. Thankfully we walked but it still took forever. Then the big kids bus was late. Dinner got started late.  Then because I love to torture myself, we really did go grocery shopping when David got home.  Grandma came and hung out here.  She's a lifesaver.  By the time I got groceries put away and something in my stomach, I was sitting in front of a stack of papers to fill out for school.  Fitbit says I was asleep at 1:20 and up at 5:50. Thats gotta change, because I am dragging today.

And now its Tuesday.  The boys were a little less excited about waking up but still excited enough about school being back in session.  Here's to hoping for at least a few more months of happy mornings!



Monday:  Sausage rice and corn.

Tuesday:  Tacos

Wednesday:  Oven fried chicken and salads.

Thursday:  Hamburger Macaroni

Friday:  Pork chops, spanish rice and beans.


Walk to school every day.

Be in bed by 11.

Cut the jungle AKA my yard.

Clear off my desk and dresser.

Get the boys rooms organized.

I always laugh when people say our house is so empty.  It's because 10 minutes before they came over I shoved everything into my bedroom and shut the door.  Such a shameful habit that I really need to stop.  My dresser has been over run with papers and junk and Im so over it.  The 2 weeks of rain has my yard looking a hot mess.  And my carpets well, between the rain and the rotation of dogs this summer, could really use a good deep cleaning.  I usually steam clean every month, but its been 2.  Summer slacking was out in full force!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I have made my bed to help keep me from crawling back in it and sleeping till noon.  Again.  And it's finally late enough in the morning to start up the lawnmower.  Cheers to getting stuff done.  Happy Tuesday.

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