June 20, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: June 20th

June 20th. Did I type that right? How in the world are we already that far along into the month. Summer is going by WAY too fast. It needs to quit that! Here is to hoping this week goes by nice and slow but is full of fun and adventure.


My menu is pretty much a bunch of regulars and one newbie. Or should I say, it is chicken, chicken and more chicken.  I was feeling pretty uninspired this week. I am super excited for Thursday though. I have tried a few other recipes from the Pinning Mama and loved them. Super easy, cheap and only a few ingredients but a big taste. Should be good. Here is the line up.

Monday:  Spaghetti

Tuesday:  Street Tacos

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  Bacon and Ranch Chicken Bake

Friday: Arroz con Pollo

Saturday:  Chicken Roll ups

Sunday:  Not sure yet.

So there is that. See nothing to get excited over. I think the fact that the boys are eating me out of house and home has thrown me off a bit. Lucky for me they love their fruits and veggies so snacks are pretty simple too. They did ask for English Muffin Bread, so maybe I will find time to get some in the oven too. I have an overflowing to do list also which, I really should get to.


Wash/Vac the car.

De clutter the laundry room.

Finish the laundry I started last week.

Mow the yard.

Clean out the pantry.

Empty photos off my phone.

Make dentist appointments.

I suppose I could get it all done in one day, but where is the fun in that. There has to be time for swimming, trips to the park, movie nights, and whatever else kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. Tomorrow is trash day, so the cleaning and purging needs to be done today for sure. The car is tricky, because its usually to hot anytime after 11am and by 7 when it starts to cool down, the mosquitoes come out. Looks like one of these mornings is going to be an early one

What are you cooking up this week?  How long is your to do list?

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