June 17, 2016

10 Things that made me happy this week

Hello Friday!  I know I am not the only one who looks forward to the weekends.  This week has been amazing though.  I don't say that very often but it really has been a good few days.  Lets see...
10things spring

1.  Last week I got a behind the scenes peek at the new Santikos Casa Blanca Theater.  This week we decided to check it out for ourselves.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was hilarious.  And it was just the little one with us. A little one on one time was much needed.  


2.  There was a trip to the new and improved Pearsall Park.  With a skate park, splash pad, basket ball courts, super cool play ground, fitness area and a whole bunch of space to run.  So much fun jam packed into one area! Which makes for a great place to tire the boys out!

3.  One of the best things I love about summer is swimming!  Night swims are even better.  Thankfully our pool is open late and the crowds thin out.  Best part is, I got so spend some time with my baby sister and her fiance. 

4.  Its been a great week with the tween.  May 11 year olds can be a load of emotions and testy as all get out. Complete with opening an instagram behind my back.  More to come on that later.  Aside from some begging reminders to be kind to his little brother, its been a pretty smooth week.

5.  The Heart of Dixie on Netflix.  Don't judge me.  OK I might have a little problem, but at least Im almost done with the whole thing.  


6.  Wednesdays Adventures.  The pool is closed on Wednesdays and I refuse to let them spend the whole day in front of their kindles, so we have decided to make every Wednesday an adventure.  Instead they get to come up with some fun things to do.  This week it was the Duck Pond.  And Im not going to lie, it might be a repeat next week, because they built a new skate park there and the boys can't get enough of it.


7.  Yesterday we were back at the pool.  This time the sun was out.  And even though I ran out of energy half way though, we came home for lunch and video games.  Then there was dinner and I was in bed by 5:30. 

8.  Best part of last night was falling asleep and waking up to a husband who went to get me Klondike bars in hopes of making me feel better.  Not gonna lie, it kinda worked.

9.  A certain dogs video has been popping up around the interwebs.  Check it out HERE.


10.  Meds.  I have meds.  All of them.  At one time. And my discount went though, so I only had to pay $4.00 for meds that sometimes cost me $600. Part of the reason I am not always able to get them.  

So there you have it.  A peek at some of the random happiness in my life.  Nothing super exciting but all things that made me smile this week.  I hope everyone had moments this week that made them happy.  Have a great weekend!

Much Love!

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