April 8, 2016

Squirrels, Strawberries and Sunshine!

Its Friday and I am getting things done. I have my Sloth app lined up for the day. I am going to start this weekend with a clean house, even if it kills me. Ok, well not if it kills me. I am planning on surviving this day. I really do love the app though. Even before the Hepatic Encephalopathy set it, I was easily sidetracked. Squirrel! Seriously, am I the only one?


The week kind of just flew by!  Probably because I was pretending Monday and Tuesday were still the weekend. Plus the boys had an easy week at school and not a bunch of homework so after school was a breeze. Except for this morning when it turned out my kid was only drawing at the table yesterday for an hour and had never really done his homework like he said. They always know when I am busy I will forget to check it. It did get done this morning though so we are good.  

So what 10 things made me happy this week?  Lets see.

  1. A clean boys room. I found 11 nerf guns total and a molar under his bed. Mystery of the missing tooth solved!

  2. Getting caught up on laundry. For an hour I had 2 empty laundry baskets! But Boys.

  3. Upcoming Date Night. We are leaving the kids home and going to the Strawberry Festival.

  4. Finding some peace. My heart has been all over the place these past few weeks. I've been a little hurt over some silly things. And then realized those that care about me, make up for those that don't.

  5. Hugs. All the hugs! I love hugs. Even got to hug my baby sister this weekend. Miss that girl!

  6. A well behaved foster puppy. Things have been so much better than I was expecting. And fingers crossed he has a family lined up already. One that has already adopted on of my previous foster dogs! Update on him coming soon!

  7. Davids T shirts. I have been stealing them from him for 17 years now. I still remember the one I stole when we were still in highschool and one day when he came over, my dad was wearing it. Awkward!

  8. Sunshine. I'm so excited for spring and summer, I could lay in my hammock all day. 

  9. Popsicles. I could live off them. Probably not well, but I'd be willing to try.

  10. Getting the backyard ready for spring. The table is coming back out. Which means dinner on the patio and S'Mores nights!!

10things spring

I'd love to hear what made you happy this week too!  Anyone have exciting plans for the weekend?

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