April 15, 2016

Boys, baths and baby toys

It's Friday and time to share some happiness. Im linking up with Krysten, Lindsay and Charlotte to share some of my happiness. I always look forward to this day because to be honest, sometimes I think there is no way I can come up with 10 things. Weeks where I am completely overwhelmed or just feeling bad and weeks when everything went wrong.  And then I sit down and these little moments I think of make me smile again. Best feeling ever!  So here we go!
10things spring

1.  Saying yes.  When we walk home from school we always pass the pool,  It was hot and I think we were all dragging,  So when one of the kids asked if we could go swimming, we said yes!  It set the pace for the whole week.  I hate saying no all the time.  Homework got done late, and the water was FREEZING, but I said yes!

2.  Talking to family I haven't talked to in a while.  I always joke that I am not a phone person.  I mean I love my phone but having to talk to people... I'm bad at it.  I'm more of a texter.  But sometimes, you just have to hear their voice to really be able to connect.  Now that I think of it, I talked to a lot of family this week.  Makes my heart happy!

3.  Finding the boys favorite baby toys.  I put together a box of baby stuff for a girl who is expecting and needed some help.  I found the boys favorite toys, one which was a hand me down from my older sister.  Poor piggy is worn down and only has one ear left, but I put new batteries in him and he still oinks!

4.  Getting rid of clutter.  We had this hot spot on the kitchen counter that collect school work and supplies.  Yeah, that's gone!  And now my kitchen counters are all open and clear.  Am I the only one who hates having things on the counter?

5.  Naps on rainy days.  Yes, I love rain.  And naps.  And naps while its raining are the best!  I have been trying my best to fight the fatigue.  But somedays, I just have to give in.  Shoot, its not even rainy today but a nap is looking so good right now. 

6.  Having boys who do chores.  While emptying the dishwasher the other day, my 7 year old said "I hope doing this when I am married will make my wife happy too."  Oh yes son, your future wife will thank me for this someday!  When I feel like I am being to hard on the boys I always remember that I am shaping someones husband and father.

7.  A dog who enjoys bathtime.  You never realize how much of a blessing this is until you are trying to bathe a dog who hates baths.  Its like trying to cuddle with a tornado.  Duncan thankfully is little enough that keeping him in the tub was easy.  And eventually he realized, its not as bad as he though it was.  When I took him out and dried him off, he tried to jump back it! 

8.  Dogs who behave.  When a friend asked me if she needed to lock the baby gates, she was surprised when I said we just leave them leaned up against the  door. The dogs don't mess with them.  Not even the puppy.  We work hard with the dogs on boundaries.  The boys do a lot of that too. They are great at it.  Mostly I think they like getting to be the one telling someone what to do!

9.  Foot rubs.  My feet have been swelling a lot lately and by the end of the day they hurt so bad.  David is always telling me I need to go to bed earlier and he is always in bed before me.  The other night, he rubbed my feet and I passed out on him.  Didn't get my kitchen cleaned up after dinner but I did get 8 hours of sleep and a promise that there would be more foot rubs in my future!  Winning!

10.  Friendship.  While we were out running errands yesterday, Marriage 365 popped up on my Instagram feed and there was a photo about 30 questions to ask your husband.  The boys were in the car but I figured they were innocent enough to be asked in front of them!  The first one I asked was "What is your favorite part about our marriage?" He said it was our friendship.  I was for sure he was gonna say something else but Friendship works for me. Haha!


So there's my list. What is on your list of happiness for the week?  Happy Friday yall!  Anyone have plans for the weekend?  Its going to be a busy one for us. But we always find time for some fun!

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