March 19, 2016

Weekend Adventures: Nani Falcone Park

The boys have been all about skate park videos lately and so when they asked if there was a skate park we could take them to, I accepted that challenge.  I was actually worried there wouldn't be one fairly close to us. Sure there are a few in town, but you don't really realize how big San Antonio really is until you have been all the way around the loop and are on the other side of the city an hour and a half later.

So when Nani Falcone Park popped  up on the map I figured we would check it out first.

After seeing the older kids there, both boys decided we should check out the rest of the park first.  And it turned out to be a hidden jem!  I can't wait to go back.

A good side playground.  Two actually.  One for the littler ones.  A nice pavilion.  Within 5 minutes of being there, we spotted deer running though the brush.  Very cool.  I think what I really loved was that there was so much open space.  Guys throwing a football, kites flying.  Drones too.  

There is a great paved path too, that I think is a little over a mile.  The boys raced their scooters and we took a little time to explore into the woods.  And honestly, we never made it to the skate park.  But we found yet another go to spot for us.  

There is a library right across the street to.  I'm thinking, next time we check out some books, have a picnic (or food from SAWraps, a newly discovered Filipino Food Truck down the road) at one of the tables they have at the park and then burn off some energy.  There is a great disk golf course that I'd like to try out too. Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

The boys are getting older and the playgrounds are becoming a thing of the past.  What they really love is open spaces to throw a ball, basketball courts and places explore.  What do you look for in a park?

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