February 9, 2016

Review: Fitbit Charge HR 3.3ft Replacement USB Charger

*This post was sponsored by PlugN Accesories. All opinions are 100% honest & my own.*

Confession time.  I am a closet nerd. And who would have known I could get so excited over a cord?  Ok, its not really that big of a secret. I have cords everywhere. Actually,I may be a cord hoarder. Not that long ago a friend had lost her charger and showed up at my house asking, no telling me that she knew I had one she could use. I had three.

So when I was asked to test out and review a this Fitbit Charge HR 3.3ft Charger, I was more than happy to. If you already own a fit bit, you know how short the chargers are. You can see the difference in the photo below. Before my band would just hang off the outlet. And now it can rest comfortably on the counter. No stress on the charger or the band.

What I love about it.
  • The longer length. No more hanging around.
  • It is affordable.  Just under $11.00.
  • The 1 year warranty. That covers defects and malfunctions.
  • The cord is thin enough to take on the go but not so small it gets lost.
  • PTC technology that protects from high voltage damage.
  • You can still reset your fit bit with this charger.
  • I also love that I have the option to buy it with out the wall adapter.
The Fitbit Charge HR 3.3ft Replacement USB Charger is a game changer for me and another cord for my collection.  

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