February 8, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: February 8th

Oh Monday! Is it ready Monday again already?  I spent the day apartment hunting with my little sister and her boyfriend.  Boy am I glad we are over all that.  Yes its fun to check out new places and what not, but the anxiety of it all.  Hard pass.  

Since the day is almost over I'm just going to get straight to it. Nothing special this week and nothing fancy. This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the start of lent. So there will be fish every Friday for a while. And I still have to figure out what I will give up in addition to the fasting. Usually every year it is soda, but I already did that, so. I have two days to think of something.  

Here is what we have lined up for dinner this week.

Monday:  Spaghetti

Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday

Thursday:  Chicken and Broccoli

Friday:  Pizza after the Valentines Dance.

I did prep all the boys lunch sides and snacks. And I even took a picture, but can I just say that the iPhone pictures have nothing on my Note 5 pictures. This weekend I was taking a video at the Zoo and a lady stood over my shoulder and said it looked better on my phone than it did in real life. Be still my Android loving heart! Sure I like being able to face time with family (who are ALL apple heads), but I just can not make the jump and be iPhone only. I will have to do a comparison one of these days.

But back to the menu. Nothing super exciting. All pretty easy dinners for us. That means more time to play, read and spend time together. Next week I will be sure to add something more interesting or new. Maybe a new fish recipe, since the boys are finally catching on that I have been making the same three salmon recipes over and over. Id love to hear some of your favorite fish or meatless meals.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


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