February 22, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: February 22nd

Happy Monday Y'all! To much? Yeah, probably. Mondays are rough. And I'm not sure if my really easy menu for the week is going to be much inspiration to anyone. Let alone myself. Truth is, nothing sounds good and I kinda just went with the first 4 recipe cards in my recipe box.  

Do people still have those? Just me? I started it way back in High School. I would go though all my Dads cooking light magazines and write down things looked good. Over the years I have filled up the little box. And I also have a 2 inch binder full of more. I think next week I will go though and make 4 recipes that I have never made before. Or maybe at least 2 or 3. Here is what I have lined up for this week.  

Tuesday: Sausage Rice and Corn

Wednesday:  Roast Chicken and Veggies

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday:  Tuna Casserole

Super boring this week, but its all good stuff. The Chicken A La Gloria is a new recipe. Thank you Pinterest. And its the only Mushroom and Chicken that the Mr. will eat with a smile. Because its boneless. I don't know what his issue is with bones. He dreads pork chops with bones too. Weird.  

I know what you are thinking. What is up with Tuesday?  Sausage, rice and corn Kim? Yes. Its something Davids mom made when we lived there. Its the easiest dish ever. Cut and cook the sausage. Add in some frozen corn and then some cooked rice. Its bachelor food. And its so good.  

Wednesday is my comfort food. I love me some roasted chicken. David not so much because, there are a lot of bones in a whole chicken. OMG! Did I ever share about the Thanksgiving, I put a whole turkey drumstick on his plate and served him. He still brings that up. Maybe he has some secret hidden childhood scare with bones or something. I'll have to ask. But back to the chicken, I got this recipe out of a calendar that our old bank gave us. It reminds me so much of the chicken from The Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Not sure if they still serve it or not, but it was so good and I was so happy to have found a knock off version.

Tuna Casserole will be made by the boys, because its easy and I'm tired of cooking.  And because boys, and girls, need to know how to cook, early, even if it is just a simple tuna casserole.

Looking for more great (and not boring) menus?  Click the button below and see what the rest of the world is cooking up this week!


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