February 26, 2016

10 Things that made me happy this week


  1.  I have products to review.  I love getting something other than bills in the mail!
  2.  I was able to refill my medication, and it wasn't such a hassle this time.
  3.  My boys are happy and growing.  So much sleeping and eating lately.
  4.  Poncho is eating again.  He was depressed but gets better with every day. 
  5.  I feel better.  For a while there I was stuck in an anxiety/depression slump.  Much better now.
  6.  I paid off some more of my medical bills. Feels so good to send them off.  
  7.  I have friends that love my boys like aunties. And bring them cool snacks that I won't buy.
  8.  Over ripe bananas.  Because, Banana Bread is so good.
  9.  A husband who asks me out on dates.  He may look scary but hes an undercover teddy bear.
  10.  Camilla Chafer and the Lexi Graves Series.  On on book 7 in a weeks time....

There you have it.  The week kinda just flew right by.  I'm hoping they keep doing that and before I know it, Spring Break will be here.  A girl can dream right?  Yes.  I can.  

Id love to know what made you guys happy this week?  Was it something someone said or did for you? Was it being able to do something for someone else?  Share below and be sure to stop by Why Girls Are Weird and the Flynnigans and see what others are so happy about this week!

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