January 25, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: January 25th

You know that Sunday night rush? Where you feel like there is so much to do before the week starts. A rogue load of laundry that has to be done and the dishes are piled in the sink. And you just want to go to bed but even though you have been trying there is still so much to do! Most Sundays, that is me. Yesterday, not so much. I was on a roll. And ahead of the schedule. For once!

I had 75% of the food prep for the week done. All the snacks and lunch extras. I will get the veggies foe dinners done before the boys get home. Because we all know trying to do anything with two you boys in the house is next to impossible. Especially when you are trying to do it and clean it up. Not happening.

My menu for the week is a little random and thrown together. Mostly because nothing sounded good to me. Its hard to plan a menu when the thought of eating makes you queasy. David picked a few recipes off of Pinterest for me thankfully. No he wasn't on Pinterest but walked by twice and said, "That looks good, make that!" Um, okay!

So here is what we ended up with.
Tuesday:  Lemon Pepper Turkey and Brown Rice Pilaf
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday:  Beef and Broccoli Bowls
Friday:  Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake and Salads
So, yes, there are 2 beef dinners. And I usually keep it to one. But I figured both of these recipes make it easy for me to pick out just a few pieces of beef so I don't over do it.

Also, I'm kid of in love with one pan dishes. Or maybe I am just tired of washing all the pots and pans. Either way, I must find more of them. Its like a moms dream come true. I wonder if I could get away with one every Friday to start the weekend off right! Good dinner and less dishes. YES PLEASE!

What are you serving up this week? Any one pot dishes?


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