December 7, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: December 7th

Here we go again. Another week begins. Last week was brutal, the weekend just about took me out but today is a fresh start.  I have a whole list of things to do but I'm thinking that as long as I get my grocery shopping done today, I've done enough. I should probably run the dishwasher at some point, and I'm here writing this, so go me!

My appetite has disappeared again, so I told David that I was going to make all new recipes this week and hopefully find it along the way.  Not sure if it was my greatest idea but I'm gonna roll with it

Monday:  One Pan Ranch Pork Chops with salads.

Tuesday:  Street Tacos

Wednesday:  Chicken A La Gloria.  Think I will serve this salads and crusty bread.

Thursday:  Leftovers

Friday:  Garlic Crusted Cod with alfredo and broccoli.

Short and sweet today. I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'd love to know what you are making this week!

Looking for some more ideas too?  Click the button below to check out more menus!  Happy Cooking!


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