December 4, 2015

10 things that made me happy this week

This week started out great and ended with me just about ready to tap out. In the back of my head I can hear my Doctor telling me to push through it. I did, all week. Today I just can't. Im sure tomorrow will be better.

Sometimes I can go days without remembering that I am sick. I think that is what is so frustrating about this. Most days are great. I can be up and get things done. Write, play, clean and cook. Then one day brings me down and it makes me so angry. Last week we had to call our weekend fun short because I didn't feel good. That's the worst. We had things to do and instead we came home. What can I do though. Push through. Accept the help that is offered and try to remind myself that even on a good day I am not 100% But even on the worst days, I have things to be happy about.

This week I am happy for...

Zoo on Netflix. Has anyone watched this? I'm an animal freak so I LOVE it.

Christmas tree and decor is up. Decor as in 1 thing other than the tree.  I am decor challenged.

Battlefront. Maybe Santa will give it to me for Christmas. A game that the boys don't want to take over when I play!  Finally!

Cold Weather. Yes, I love the sun, but I also love blankets, cuddling and hot chocolate!

My new kitchen faucet.  It's huge. But it's growing on me. Plus I installed it myself.


Poncho. He's not perfect but he's perfect for me. He has been by my side all day. And may have saved me from a lot of trouble when he held me against the wall after I fainted.


Second Moms. I could not have gotten through this week without my mother in law and amazing friends who are like moms to my boys. Just as I am for their kids too.

David. He is my rock. He knows when to push me and he knows when to let things go. Even when I don't.

The little one got Star Student 2 days in a row. Today he did a presentation and came home happy because he was brave and then found out that it's really cool to present to the class.  I always hated that but I'm happy he was happy!

Life. As rough as this week was, I am alive and home and that makes me happiest of all.  Even if my face doesn't show it!

Be sure to stop by Why Girls are Weird and The Flynnigans and see what is making others happy. Maybe share a list of your own! I'd love to hear about it!

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