November 19, 2015

The Great Thanksgiving Surprise!

Every since I was little I remember the excitement that built up by the end of the year. Back home, we didn't have a "Fall".  Its a tiny tropical island. The palm fronds are green year round!  But that doesn't mean we couldn't feel the season. It started not long after school started up for the year. We started thinking about what we were going to be for Halloween. And we talked about who was going stateside for Christmas break. But me, I was thinking about Thanksgiving. 

It was my little secret. I remember the first time I learned about the Pilgrims and Indians getting together and that is what I loved the most. Dinner time in my family was something we did right. The dinner table is where all the fun happened. We would distract Dad while the others put the food they didn't like back on the platter. This is where my little brother dropped his first curse word and this is where my family, no matter how dysfunctional we were, came together. In my mind we were Pilgrims and Indians.

Now that I am an adult it all seems a little silly. But I was young and full of hope. And as far back as I can remember it is the one holiday I looked forward to. Always hoping it was better than the last!

Fast forward 20 years and I still get that feeling come September. I start trying new recipes and wondering who will join us. Davids parents are always over. And neighbors and friends are always popping in. I love it.  

I'm not sure I will ever be able to top Thanksgiving 2012. We surprised the family with my nephew. Mom cried. But then on Thanksgiving Day I remembered I needed to get a photo of everyone together. So as they sat together for a couple of quick snaps for me...


Then as I pretended like my camera was acting us and David snuck in with my oldest brother who asked if there was room for one more in the picture. 

Snap!  Look at every ones faces!

And Mom cried again!


There was just something so heartwarming about watching my sister, brother and nephew huddled around a pot of boiling potatoes.


David was on the couch watching the game with my sweet niece curled up on his chest.


This was our first holiday with out Dad. The first Thanksgiving he wouldn't be sending out pictures of his perfect turkey and talking us all though how to make the perfect gravy. Or raking me over because if I couldn't have his stuffing, I was making stove top. Oh man did that bug him.

The boys loved having more people to play with. And while the house was a bit chaotic, my heart was calm and full of love. 

Who knows maybe sometime in the next few years we can all get together again. But with family spread out so far apart and everyone being so busy, a girl can dream right?

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