November 20, 2015

10 things that made me happy this week

Nothing makes you more happy for a Friday than a whole week of vacation afterwards!  Well vacation for the boys.  And I suppose me too since I won't have to get up as early.  One of these days we will go on a real vacation!  One where I don't have to cook and clean!

But for now lets get to it.  Keeping it short today, because I have a whole checklist of things that need to get done today and before Thanksgiving.  Me and my lists.  Here is another one.

  1. I keep saying its the last of Davids long hours, but he swears this week is the last week. 

  2. My friend is home after a scary fight with meningitis.  Getting stronger everyday!

  3. Every year Davids company gives the employees turkeys for Thanksgiving.  

  4. Enough energy for a work out. I miss a good sweat!

  5. New Giraffe exhibit at the Zoo.  

  6. Homemade English Muffin Bread!

  7. A new entry way table.

  8. Janet Evanovich. I have 2 books to catch up on.

  9. Land O Lakes White American Cheese.  Grilled cheese for days!

  10. My new bathroom faucets
What made you happy this week?

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