September 7, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: September 7th

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has had a safe and relaxing long weekend. After having David home for a week, its back to reality. Tomorrow. I love having this man home. We hung out, went shopping, ran some errands and had lots of fun. But that was it. We also spent more than we should have, ate out more than we should have and my house, well, I didn't clean as much as I should have! Back to the grind it is.

This week as usual is pretty quick and easy. Only one new recipe this week but it looks amazing!


Taco Tuesday.

Lemon butter chicken with roasted veggies and salads.

Chicken sandwiches and salads.

Cilantro pork chops with spanish rice and beans.

The boys have been sandwiched out for lunches, so last week I made up homemade "lunchable" using Ritz, Pepperoni and cubed cheese. They love it. They also requested salads which is super easy too. This week we are going to try some tuna on crackers and fruit. Growing boys are hard to fill up! Anyone else have kids suffering from sandwich burn out? I need to find more lunch ideas.

Its a short week now and I have so much to do around the house. I still haven't dug the hole for the dog waste. Laundry is piled up. Dogs need bathing and rooms need cleaning. Its the end of Summer purge. Hopefully I can make a good dent in it all before next weekend. Wish me luck!


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