September 5, 2015

10 things that made me happy this week

Been a little MIA this week.  It was a half week for me.  David took the other half off and we were busy running around so I didn't get online much.  But he is currently napping on the couch, the dogs are passed out too and the boys are playing games.  I figured it was the only time Ill have until Tuesday to jump on here.  So here goes!


  1. Cooking for my family.  Lots of good eats this week!
  2. Dr Quinn on Amazon Prime.
  3. The new canvas the Mr bought me for my dinning room.
  4. Having lunch with the boys at school.
  5. The 12+ hrs of sleep I got last night.
  6. Morris is looking so much better!
  7. Friday evening gatherings out front. Kids, bikes and toys everywhere!
  8. David.  I can spend all day with this man.  Every day.
  9. Face time with my little sister.  
  10. Laughter.  There was so much this week!

What one thing made you happy this week??

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