September 22, 2015

Did you know that its World Rhino Day?

World Rhino Day15

Who knew there was a World Rhino Day?  I didn't.  The boys and I love learning about animals. This morning I told them what day today was and they asked if we could look them up and learn about them today.  Then I thought why not share some of the questions and answers I find with everyone.  After all my reading this morning I realize that today is not so much about celebrating than it is about raising awareness.  I knew things looked bad for the Rhino, but I didn't realize it was this bad.  (Be sure to read to the end for some good news)

So I came up with some questions to ask and talk about with them.

  • How many species of Rhino are there?  
  • How can you tell them apart?
  • What do you call a group of Rhinos?
  • Are they Endangered?
  • What is a Rhinos horn made out of?
  • Why are the horns so special?

There are 5 species of Rhino. White Rhinos, Black Rhinos, Greater One Horned, Sumatran and the Javan.

The easiest way to tell a White Rhino from the rest is by its mouth.  White = Wide.  Black Rhinos have smaller hooked shaped mouths for picking at bushes and eating off branches.  The Greater One Horned, well, has only one horn and looks like it is wearing armor. The Sumatran Rhino is the smallest and hairiest of the bunch. And the Javan is as big as the Black Rhinos but has a single horn.

A group of rhinos is called a Crash!  I love that.

All five species are at risk of extinction.  There are only 4 Northern White Rhinos left.  IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  At one time there were only 50 Southern Whites believe to be alive and now thanks to conservation efforts, there are over 20,000.  The Black Rhinos are critically endangered with only near 3,000 left in the wild. The Sumatran Rhino, who I learned is the longest living mammal on the earth, has been reduced to a population barely hitting triple digits.  And the Javan Rhinos are sadly the rarest of large mammals on earth, with an estimated 58 - 61 left.

A rhinos horn is made of Keratin.  Similar to fingernails and a horses hoof.  The horn are being sold for as much as $5,500 an ounce!

Rhinos have been brought to brink of extinction because of the poaching of their horns.  The horns are used to make carvings and is more popular in Chinese Medicine.  It is said to have healing powers for all sorts of ailments including fevers, gout and arthritis.


I know this information is a little overwhelming.  It really is sad to think that these beautiful animals are so close to extinction.  The bad news is that its going to be a hard fight.  Want some good news?  Whats the good news? Visit the International Rhino Foundation to see!   

And join #TeamRhino!  I know we will be ordering our shirts.  Be sure to follow the team here too.

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