September 18, 2015

10 things that made me happy this week


This week was a little different than usual.  Our schedule was completely flipped upside down. Well Davids schedule anyways.  The boys and I tried our best to keep to the usual but its hard. They always struggle when he works shifts that keep him away for the week.  But today was a half day at school and they got to see him for a little bit before he left for work again.  I for one am just glad its Friday.  I'm going to sleep in I think.  We had so much fun last weekend that this weekend is one for relaxing.  And after the hours he put in this week, David is going to need it.

No matter how crazy it got, there was still so much to be happy about.  Lets see...

  1. We got to see ET the movie accompanied by the San Antonio Symphony.  They played so well I kept forgetting they were there. I loved the movie since the first time I saw it.  This was their first time seeing it and they loved it too!

  2. The boys first Circus.  Yes.  I took my animal loving family to a circus.  But I wanted them to see what everyone was talking about and make up their own minds.  They both agree.   Take out the animals and add more guys shooting out of cannons. Oh and motorcycles in a steel cage. That was pretty cool too!

  3. I had my liver clinic appointment.  The Drs. say that I am stable and that is what really matters most right now.  The longer time I have with my own liver the better.  Its frustrating to know what I am up against, but I am just thankful for the health I have now.  I could and will be much worse.

  4. I read a book.  Death and the Redheaded Woman.  I wasn't to sure about it at first, but then I read the whole thing in one night.  I'm a fast reader and it wasn't a super long read.  Now to get on to my book club book.  We are reading Good Omens this month.  I started it...not sure I can finish it though.  I just can't get in to it.

  5. My mom called me.  I haven't talked to her in a while.  The best part about talking to her is making her laugh.  Best sound ever!  I really miss having her here with me.  The days were not so boring and lonely. 

  6. My sister is coming to visit me.  OK she only lives a few hours away but shes been busy and we never got a chance to go visit her this summer.  She will be here in an hour!  I will bet a 10 that she will spend 90% of her time here playing Minecraft with my boys.  And that is fine with me.  They love seeing family.

  7. OH!  If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this.  The MRI that never happened!  I finally got it all straightened out and will get it done one Monday.  The Dr was not to happy that it was not done, but understood me not being able to drop the whole payment at once.  Fingers crossed nothing has changed.

  8. My oldest got a 71 in Science on his progress report.  He was in tears.  I was smiling.  Why? Because it gave me a chance to lift him up for once.  This kid is as smart as he is cute and takes his grades seriously enough for the both of us.  I reminded him that he didn't have to be perfect.  Its ok to stumble, but we have to get back up and try again!

  9. I got to help the little ones class out this week.  Nothing super just making flash cards for spelling words.  I dreamed of the day I could be a room parent!  I kid you not.  I had big plans to throw myself in to the school while the boys were in it.  Then I got sick.  I'm not always able to help so I was more than happy to get the chance this week!

  10. One more thing that made me happy.  And if anyone tells David about this, I will delete the post and pretend it never existed.  OMG y'all.  So, my husband is an tech junkie.  He lays in bed at night and reads about phones he doesn't even want just to know whats going on in the phone world. And he is gadget happy. I never know what turns on what and what plugs in to what.  I would push the ON button on 3 remotes before I could figure out which one was the right one.  Until he brought home Harmony.  This little thing does it all.  If I want to play PlayStation, I scroll on the screen and push Play PlayStation.  If I want to watch a movie, I push watch a movie.  Who know this little thing could make me so happy!  David.  David doesn't know. Its our little secret!

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