August 23, 2015

Boys are gross! But they make me happy!


Im so excited for this new weekly link up.  Stop by Why Girls Are Weird and The Flynnigans for more happiness

  1.  Being a boy mom.  Its dirty. But I'm so much better with monster trucks than dolls.
  2.  Morris is eating.  I still have to mix in extras like ground turkey.  But hes eating!
  3.  Paper.  Don't judge me.  I have lists and notebooks everywhere. 
  4.  The sprinkle of rain we got yesterday.  Every drop counts.
  5.  Good neighbors.  You never know how important this is until you have bad ones!
  6.  School.  The boys have great teachers and are very excited to start the year!
  7.  A patient hubby.  I have been a hot mess this week. Poor Guy.
  8.  Books.  I'm reading Grey and The Eleventh Plague.  I'm random like that.
  9.  Self Control.  I only had one coke this whole week. And zero chocolate!
  10.  Friends.  The ones you don't see often but still pick up where you left off!
I'd love to hear about what made you happy this week?  

-xoxo Kim

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