August 28, 2015

10 things that made me happy this week


The first week back to school is always a little crazy. But this year has been a little different. Its been, dare I say it?  Smooth and happy!

  1. The boys are loving school and their teachers.
  2. My neighbor helping me out with getting the boys after school.
  3. David. He keeps me on my toes. Love him!
  4. I finished reading Grey and am almost done with my book club book.
  5. A free Scentsy bar and a sweet note. 
  6. I was able to help a friend out. Well Grandma drove but, still.
  7. New nail polishes in the mail.  
  8. I met my medication deductible!  
  9. We finally cut cable.
  10. We aren't out of the woods, but Morris seems to feel much better!

I hope everyone had some happiness in their week.  And even more this weekend!  

What made you happy this week?  Share below or link up with The Flynnigans or Why Girls are Weird and share the happiness! 


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