February 3, 2015

Keeping it real around here

I found an old email from a reader today while I was cleaning out my inbox.  She thanked me for keeping it real and showing her that a good life is possible with this disease.  It made me smile first. Then it made me sad.  I've let a few negative remarks and comments eat at me.  I let them put doubt in my mind and keep me from being me.  I stopped being real and honest.  I hate that.  I cant count the number of drafts I have that I did not post because I was afraid of what people would think.  This letter reminded me of how much I loved sharing it all with the world.  Even the real and raw stuff.  I feel like I'm finally ready to be that person again.  I'll be able to breath a little around here.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was a pet blogger because I talk a lot about my dogs and the rescue I volunteer for.  I've also been asked if I am "still" a health blogger.  Was I ever a health blogger?  Don't think so.  So what kind of blog is this then?  Does it matter?  To me, not really.

I'm not in this to do anything other than share my life.  That might be a menu or our weekend adventures.  It might be a recipe I love or a book I read.  If its a photo I took there is a 80% chance it is of one of my dogs. There will be some reviews and giveaways but I promise it will never be things that don't fit into my life. And who knows I might even share a little more about my marriage since people keep asking if my husband is real or not. He is. I promise.

This is me.


Selfies are awkward but so am I

I am a wife and mother. I love animals. I don't drive. I take 100 pictures of the same thing.  I come from a big dysfunctional family.  I am on the liver transplant. My favorite candies are red vines and big hunks.  I have an obsession with Joe Manganiello.  I'm not Mexican. I hate spaghetti.  I believe in love at first sight.  I could live off popsicles and popcorn.  I learned how to swim when I was knocked into a tide pool by a rogue wave.  That wasn't my first water related near death experience.  I want to be a zoologist when I grow up.  Or maybe a photographer for Nat Geo.  Snakes are my biggest fear.  And my greatest fascination.  I love sunglasses, not on my face but as headbands. I grew up on small pacific island.  When I send someone my thoughts and prayers, I actually say a prayer.  I am a very vivid dreamer.  I look people in the eye when they talk to me.  I don't embarrass easily.  Ill answer just about any question you could ask. I clean when I'm angry. I love all types of music. And cultures and customs.  I could play video games all day. I wear flip flops and tank tops year round. I'm a social media junkie.

I'm not any one thing.  I can't expect my blog to be either.  There is a chance I will at some point write about all this and more.  Or at least share pictures of it all. My real life conversations are about as random as that last paragraph too.  I will blame the Hepatic Encephalopathy for that but truth is, I've always been that way. Just keeping it real!


  1. So nice to "meet" you. We have so much in common besides liver tx list and fear of hep encephalopathy ��������

    1. Nice to meet you too :-) Thanks for stopping by. Glad to have the company. And glad your not on the tx list or worried about the HE!

  2. Great post. I often struggle to send out posts because I fear it will offend. But then I remembered...this is my blog, my journey, my experiences and my truth. I say post what you want you never know who it may inspire. You can't please everyone. Also, following from Mom Bloggers Club x

    1. Thank You Linda. My close friends will tell you that I am friends with everyone. I have friends from every walk of life and am always aware of who I am around them. Does that make sense? So when I write certain things I think of what they will think and I never want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I want to be true to myself at the same time.