January 25, 2015

Weekend Adventures: O.P. Schnabel Park

The weather has been amazing this weekend.  Much better than the past few rainy and gloomy days we had last week.  So there is no way we were gonna miss out on enjoying the sunshine.  We packed up and headed out to our favorite spot.  O.P Schnabel Park has been our go to park for a few years now.  Its close to the house and has a lot to offer.  Trails, parks, picnic areas, basketball courts and the YMCA.


First we walked. And walked and walked.  This boy was so excited to lead us into the woods!  If he could have it his way we would never follow a paved path.  This same kid also led us down a path that turns out to go back to the main road.  2 miles later a nice man that was running by happened to hear us trying to figure out where we were headed and we turned around and headed back.  


We took on of the many unpaved paths back.  We love exploring down by the stream.  There is a rock pile that the boys claim will be the perfect picnic spot next time!  We were looking for deer and bunnies but I'm pretty sure they were all hiding from us.  The boys have yet to master the art of being quiet and observing.


Of course we had to stop to skip some rocks.  This lead to muddy shoes and wet jeans but to see the joy on this kids face when his rock skipped 5 whole times was worth more than a years worth of laundry!  Alex is the master of the 1 skippers and big splashes.  Im pretty sure when I do their laundry, I will find flat rocks in their pockets for next time.


Next we were headed to the playground.  But first we stopped to check out this super cool stick fort.  I remember seeing the beginning of this on our last trip but I think people are just adding to it as they pass by. I know we did.  There is even a stump in the middle of it to sit on!


We were all pretty drained after our almost 5 mile walk so this happened.  The Chamoy City Limits truck was out and to exciting to pass up.  We got the Dreamsicle.  And between the 5 of us, we still couldn't finish it.  Plus when I was eating it, a wasp decided to have some too.  They were everywhere for some reason. Probably just enjoying the weather like the rest of us.  Be sure to check out the Chamoy City Limits of FB and see where they will be next!


We love the new playground!  The old one had metal slides that would burn your bottom like crazy during the summer.  They have this spinning thing that you stand on and someone spins you.  Alex loved it of course. Because he is crazy like that.  Anthony mostly enjoyed these rings.  And we got to see his 3rd grade teacher who was out enjoying the day with her family too.

We love going to the park but hope to add a few new parks to the list this year.  Do you have a favorite park? What do you look for in a park?  We need more than a park.  That's why we love OP.  There is so much to do and explore that the boys never get bored.  Its one of the few times we let our 5 more minute warning turn into an hour later!

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