February 20, 2015

Foster Dog Diaries: Oh Walter!

Walter and Poncho

Look who is still here.  3 months now.  He is officially the longest foster I have had. I'm not complaining either, because he really is a great dog!  I am just going to enjoy the hell out of him while hes here.  

Walter is a 5 year old Dane Mastiff mix.  When he came in to the rescue his back right leg was busted but they got that fixed.  His next hurdle to jump was his heart worm treatment.  For four weeks he was kept in the kitchen and not allowed to be active because of the risk of one of the worms breaking off and causing a pulmonary embolism and the like.  But not getting daily exercise caused his muscles in that leg to atrophy and he got an arthritis flare too.   All just a few days before he was to be adopted!

So, he is still here.  Still waiting. but we are enjoying his company while we have it.  There is still a chance the family who originally wanted him will still take him.  I don't know how he has made it this far without a solid adoption.  Everyone he meets loves him.  He is super chill.  I don't ever worry about him, chewing, peeing, or jumping.  He is a gentler boy.  Happiest while he is loafing around.  He does great with my dogs and kids.  After 2 weeks we packed up the kennel and he sleeps in the living room at night and when we go out.  As much as we would love to hang on to him, I'm excited for the family that takes him home because they will be getting a great dog!

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