February 14, 2015

Foster Dog Diaries: Heart Worms and Best Friends

Fostering dogs is not for the faint of heart.  I've never had any serious issues, yet.  But I do seem to fall in love with the "wonky leg" dogs.  I think my last 4 fosters all had leg issues.  Walter had to have his knee repaired. And when I saw that I though, yup, we are taking him home!  I knew his knee was bad, but he is my first Heart worm dog.  I'm sure the first of many to come but Im glad he was my first.

The fast kill treatment for Heart worms is brutal.  If you are a dog owner you have been talked to by your vet and know the importance of HW Prevention and now seeing how hard the treatment can be I will not ever be late on ordering my boys their meds.

This is Walter.  Day 1 after I brought him home from the clinic.  I kid you not when I say I laid on the floor and pet him and iced his injection site and just about cried seeing how miserable he was.  And I had to take him back again in the morning for his second one.


After his second injection, he seemed even worse.  I started getting nervous when the dogs refused to leave his side. When they did leave the kitchen and heard him get up they would rush back to his side.  It was amazing to watch!  But heartbreaking too.


With the fast kill treatment its very important to limit mobility and kennel rest.  But since Walters idea of exercise was a short stroll from the dog bed to the food bowl, he got to come out of the kitchen every now and then and sleep in the living room.  And the dogs still stood er...laid guard over him.


We made it till the day before lock down was lifted and Walter started limping.  Poncho was great at holding the towel and ice pack on.  Walter was finally feeling better too.  But it nothings every that easy in Rescue it seems.


They are inseperable.  You can just see the tip of Chicos ear next to Poncho.  Hes never far from his little brother.  Yes, I said little.  As in age. Chico is going 14, P Dog is 4.


After Xrays and an exam on yesterday, we have good news and bad.  His hardware is still good and holding up.  But his knee is very arthritic and has muscle atrophy.  We have got him some meds and will start some at home therapy to help him build up that leg.  Hes not a fan of the idea, but, it sure beats hopping around on 3 legs.

Walter was super close to going to his forever home but his knee issues prevented that.  That's ok with us. And I'm pretty sure the dogs won't mind him hanging around a little longer to heal up. They have quickly become the best of friends.  He is a great dog and by far the easiest foster I've ever had, so he is plenty welcome here.

If you or anyone you know are interested in fostering or adopting a dog, please stop by the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue page and see what dogs are available. We always have a need for fosters, especially but not limited to, big dogs.  If you can't foster or adopt and still want to help out, fill our the volunteer form here. Its a great way to do some good and have some fun!

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