October 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: October 27th


How is it Monday already?  That was fast.  At least we only had one soccer game this weekend.  And as short as it was, we enjoyed it.  Even managed to get a few things we have been putting off done.  More on that later. Lets talk food.  My appetite has gone missing again and nothing sounds good.  I need some more ideas y'all!  Here is what we settled on for this weeks menu.

Tuna Subs.

Enchiladas, Rice and Beans.

Leftovers before soccer practice.

Mushroom Chicken.

All this and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Friday can't get here soon enough!

Southwest Steak Wraps.


Fish Scampi and Linguine.

Quick Question.  Are we the only ones who eat leftovers so often?  I see so many people who say they don't like leftovers or just plain refuse to eat them and throw them out.  What a waste of money.  And time.  I love to cook but some days there just isn't enough time or energy to. And when I do cook I want to enjoy it. It doesn't have to be the same exact dish.  When money is tight, I will buy a a whole chicken or the family packs.  You can make so many things out of leftover chicken.  Soup, tacos, taquitos, enchiladas, salad, sandwiches and so much more. Leftover roasts and hams make great sandwiches. Even if its just for lunch.  What is your favorite way to use up your leftovers?

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