September 7, 2014

Adventures in Kindergarten: Red is BAD!

On the first day he was terrified, but bravely did as he was told. Said goodbye and went to work.

As we head in to week three of the new school year, I've noticed something in my youngest son.  He is very much like me.  He doesn't do change.  It was a big shock to him, to go from hanging out with mom all day to, tables and chairs, rules and a schedule.  And as much as we practiced at home, having to do all these things for someone who is not your mother, a bit of a challenge for him.

Now don't get me wrong, he is my sweet one.  He is a lover.  He is kind and thoughtful.  He worries about people.  He gets sad over things and his feelings can get crushed by one wrong look.  The first week of school was all greens in his folder.  Green is good.  Last weekend, both boys got sick. Monday was a holiday, Tuesday they were home still sick and Wednesday we were back to a green. Thursday, was all wrong.  I went to check in with the office so I could walk him to class and he told me he wanted to do it all by himself.  After walking down and then coming back to give me one last hug, see, he is sweet, he sat down and I left.  I waited in line to pick him up, excited to see how his day went. One look at his face and I knew something was up.  His first words to me..."I got a red today."  His folder said: Not himself today.  Running, rough housing and kissed another student. SAY WHAAA?

He knew what his consequences would be.  Red is BAD.  Red is unacceptable.  So he is grounded and had to sit though a talk that he really didn't want to have.  But in the end I think he let it all soak in.  I hope he did.  I guess I will see how the next week goes.  But, its been on my mind since then. Was I to hard on him?  Did I choose my words wisely?  Does he really know better? Yes he knows better.  Because I have taught him better.  So, please God let it be the one and only time.  I don't think I can handle more days like that.

On Friday I opened the folder to a "Much better today!"  Thank you baby Jesus!  The weekend didn't go as planned.  A red mark in the folder crashed our plans of camping and fun.  But they are both excited for the chance to try again. Well the little one anyways.  I can't believe I thought he was going to be the calm one.

Also, if anyone has any tips for keeping these boys awake after school, please let me know.  They come home, have a snack, do homework and then they can't stay awake.  Bedtime has been a little rough. Hopefully with soccer back in the swing of it all they will at least stay awake for that!  We will see!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Cheers to a new week and a fresh start.  And who ever said that they learned everything they needed to learn in kindergarten, was very very wrong.  Just saying!

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