August 29, 2014

Back to School

Once we get to the top of that hill its not so bad.
Lots of changes around the house this week. My oldest started 4th grade and is anxious to get to his class and friends as soon as we get to school. My little one started Kindergarten and after 3 very good days, he cried yesterday as I dropped him off.  It was awful and heartbreaking but today was better. We just get there a few minutes before the bell rings so he doesn't have much time to think about me leaving. We also got our school buses taken away this year since we are less than 2 miles away.  Its a 3 mile walk there and back and since I can't drive, we have been doing a lot of walking. Ever try to get two short legged and sleepy boys to walk up and down the wonderful Texas hills at 7 in the morning? Yeah. Its been interesting. Its a nice walk though. They drag the first few minutes and then enjoy the rest of the way. And walking home in the 100 degree heat...not doing that again anytime soon! Luckily a friend and my Mother in Law are always here for us when we need a ride. But the boys are getting the hang of it all.

I have been struggling with my appetite. Most days I forget to eat until the boys get home and are hungry. I'm fighting the fatigue and aside from the extra water fluffiness, I'm feeling ok. Just had more lab work done this morning so hopefully everything is where its supposed to be.

So I'll be back next week for sure. I just had to take a week to readjust to our new schedule.  Soccer, School and Sickness. Thats my life!  I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are taking the boys to see a movie and then I won tickets for a concert tomorrow that I think will be fun. Be safe and enjoy the long weekend!

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