January 15, 2014

Happiness is ______ {2014-W2} #happinessis

OK, I'm a little late to the party.  But in my defence, the start of the year is always a little crazy around here.  But I bring lots of happiness with me today!

Happiness is a willing helper around the house.

Happiness is watching his imagination grow.

Happiness is watching him face his fear and give this rock wall his best.  He only made it up a few feet, but he worked out today so he will be stronger next time.

Happiness is making better choices.  Cupcake or Apple....

Happiness is looking at this face and then realizing his even his candle says five.  Its true.  My baby is 5!  Pay no attention to the poor dog in the background wishing for a piece of cake!

I love sharing my happiness and seeing everyone elses.  Be sure to stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what others are happy about this week.  What was the happiest part of your week?


  1. So very sweet, Kim! Happy birthday to your little dude!! And congrats on that climbing wall feat - a few feet is better than none :)

  2. Beautiful post with great pictures. xx