November 8, 2013

Friday Five: November Bucket List

There is no way I could top this.  I had already surprised my mom with my Nephew coming in for Thanksgiving.  Then, I took a break in the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner to grab a quick picture of everyone.  I'm so sneaky!  Because as soon as everyone was sitting, David came in with my oldest brother!  I'm not planning anything to big this year, just a few things to look forward to and plan with the boys.  Like I said, there will be no topping this...


Backyard camp out with s'mores!
We were planning on going camping this month, but I don't think we will get around to it.  So while uncle Lester is in town, I think we can squeeze in a backyard camp out complete with s'mores and hot chocolate in the crisp fall night. 

Go fishing.
My dad bought Anthony a very cool bamboo fishing pole that we have yet to try out.  Anthony had planned on fishing with his Grandpa, but I am hoping that fishing with me might be enough.  Now all I need to do is find a good place to go fishing here in San Antonio.

Explore a new park.
There are so many parks here and we haven't even been to half of them.  And with the weather finally cooling down, we will be able to enjoy a few hours with out overheating!  I have quite a few parks on my list but I have no clue where to start first.  I'm taking suggestions.  What is your favorite San Antonio Park?

Take family photos
This one I have been trying to do for years, but somehow it just never happens.  I have tons of photos of the boys.  A few of David and the boys.  And only a few phone selfies with the boys and myself.  I do have a few of the boys and I with the bluebonnets but I need to get some of all of us.  Who knows, maybe even the dogs!  

I have been talking about this long enough.  Some have said that being a dog foster is volunteering, but I would love to do more.  So I am going to sign up for orientation at the local animal shelter and I will be going in with a friend when I can.  Very excited about this.  

What are your plans for November?  Do you have a favorite part of fall?  I'm so jealous of all the photos I have been seeing of changing leaves.  Around here things go from green to brown.  That's it! Happy Fall Y'all! 


  1. I love the bucket list. We're working on getting family photos this November too. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to get a picture of three people.

  2. I love your list. Right now we dont have much planned in advance and I guess i should make a list

  3. Thanks for sharing your bucket list for November! I'm hoping to get our family photos done and now I want to have a backyard campout! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel! Hopefully we will get a nice cool and dry weekend. Although I like the idea of the sound of rain on the tent. I find rain so peaceful!

  4. My bucket list is to spend more quality time with my family. Without thinking of my blog. So far so good. Thank you so much for sharing and stopping by my blog.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo