November 3, 2013

A jam packed Saturday

The past few months have been rough around here.  School started.  Soccer started.  And suddenly there was no time, no energy, no sleep! And now it's November.  I'm not complaining...much  I know in the end it is worth it, but sometimes I kick myself in the butt for trying to do more than I can handle and then hating myself when I don't get it all done. But sometimes I just have to push through it!

Yesterday was a big day for me.  First let me start by saying, I don't get out much.  I walk to the bus stop twice a day.  I go to Dr's appointments and grocery shopping.  Saturdays filled with soccer and errands and Sundays are cleaning and football.  I can't just go anywhere.  My days are pretty low key.  Yesterday was anything but that.

I got up at 6:ooam.  My morning was spent at the Donate life walk. A very dear friend of mine, Stacy of Kids Stuff World, came out with her kids to walk with me.  My sister, her boyfriend and a friends came out as well!  Its nice to be a part of it all and help support a cause that is ultimately going to save my life.  I hit 10,000 steps at 9:50 am.  I usually don't hit that mark until night time!


I got to the soccer game just in time to catch the last 10 minutes of the game.  Anthony has gotten so much better and I am always so proud to see him playing out there.  I love watching him play! After the game we played around with another player and some friends.  His dad came over and asked me how long its been since I played.  Its been 14 years.  He said he its still there!  How sweet is he.  I know better.  I play with the boys because I cant run any faster! Even Alex gets in on the fun. It won't be long till he is playing too!

Afterwards we headed to a birthday party.  All I have heard all week is when are we going to Peter Pipers Pizza? Finally.  The boys had a blast.  I had fun.  And I think even though he will not admit it, David was hooked on this game!  They were crammed in there like sardines and having so much fun!


Last stop of the day was the Dragons soccer banquet.  There was tons of food.  The boys ran off the last of their sugar high.  We explored a real high school.  By real I mean stateside.  Man the high schools here look like shopping malls.  Then again, our Elementary School is pretty huge too!  We left around 8pm with purple hair, tattoos and some sweet prizes and auction stuff.


I got home.  Sent the boys to bed.  Grabbed a pillow and blanket and watched Hawaii 5-O with David though one sleepy eye.  Woke up at 3 still on the couch.  Got to bed and woke up again around 9am. Besides moving to the room, I was knocked out cold!

I'm tired all over again just writing it all out.  But thankful that I made it through the day.  I will probably spend the whole week recovering, but whats done is done and it was worth every pain in my body right now!

These are the days when I have to dig deep.  The days where I have to push myself.  The days I am reminded that I can do whatever I put my heart into.  The days I am blessed to have!

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  1. I've not read your blog in a while but just wanted to say you continue to inspire with your positivity and zest for life. I'm reminded to continue to pray for your donor. Sending you love and hugs xx