October 15, 2013

No more Speech Therapy

Its official.  My baby is done with speech.  And next year he is going to be a full day Kindergartner! By the way, I had no idea that Kinder is not mandatory!  That seems so crazy to me.  Maybe because of how much I saw my oldest learn that year.  And because Kindergarten is just plain fun!

Anyways, last Friday was Lex's final day.  His teacher was sad to let him go, but happy that he had come so far. Just a year ago he was still struggling.  Not many people could understand him.  Two years ago, I could barely understand him.  Now, he uses words and sentences that my 8 year old doesn't even use.  He has come such a long way it makes me so proud.


I watched as he walked down the hall and thought to myself, the next time he walks down them, he will be going for a whole day of school.  What on earth will I do with myself.  Who is going to watch cartoons with me?  Have breakfast and lunch with me?  Who's is gonna cuddle with me on rainy days?  When did my baby grow up?


When I asked him what he will miss most about Speech he said his teacher because she was very happy for him all the time.  We have been blessed with amazing speech teachers.  And it shows in how far he has come.  They have helped him have confidence in what he says.  He used to shut down when someone asked him to repeat himself and now he just keep trying.  I hope that is something he always carries with him.  Something he continues to do in all aspects of life.  Nothing is going to hold this kid down.  Instead of focusing on the sadness that I feel about him growing I will think of all the amazing things he is going to do.  My sweet Alexander.  Big things are in this little guys future.  I just know it!

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  1. Way to go Alexander! He is fortunate to have such a supportive Mother like you and a beautiful name (the same as my son). I can't wait to read about all his successes.

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