October 15, 2013

A late Menu Plan Monday: October 14th

You know those weeks where you just seem to be out of everything!  That is this week for me.  As well as the week that most of the bills are due.  Yeah.  Gotta love those weeks.  And so its another, simple and cheap.  By the way, when did Head and Shoulders get so expensive??  Dang!  Here is this weeks menu.

We picked up a new foster puppy and subway on the way home.  So much for my idea of no take out during the week.

Tacos.  Not sure if we will have practice or if it will get rained out again.  But either way tacos are super fast and easy.

Chicken Patties, corn and mashed.  I don't know where David got this from but for the last 13 years this is always his answer when I ask for help with dinner ideas.  I prefer my patty in a bun, but to each their own!

Tuna Noodle casserole and salad. Hopefully the weather works with me on this one.  I love me some tuna casserole on a stormy day. 

Spanish rice, chicken and beans.  This is becoming my littlest ones go to dinner.  The one thing I know he will ask for and also eat it all.   And we cant forget the lettuce (Salad) as he calls it.  

We will start the day off at the soccer field.  We have a birthday party at noon and the company picnic after that.  There will be no shortage of food 

Spaghetti.  Again.  Am I the only one who isn't a fan of spaghetti.  My guys would have this every day day if they could.  The boys will have a bowl of regular and then a bowl of noodles with butter and garlic after.  So cheap to make and there it never goes to waste.  If you cant beat them, join them!

What do you have planned for dinner this week?  Do you have any go to frugal dinners you could share with me?  I could use a few more to add to the rotation.  Anything to kick spaghetti out of the line up :)

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  1. I know, Im strange. Probably because back in the day when the hubby (then bf) were fresh out of highschool and broke we ate it a few times a week! LOL I love Alfredo though. mmmmm