May 14, 2013

Lets go to the Zoo!

What is it about the Zoo that turns me into a child again.  It might have a lot to do with the memories of going with my family when I was little.  I have only one memory of the Albuquerque Zoo.  That one involved a huge snake that followed me though the glass of its enclosure as I walked along the ledge.  I remember feeling much better once I was back in Dads arms.  I'm pretty sure that started my fascination with the slithery kind.


The San Diego Zoo was next.  And many of trips to the Honolulu Zoo helped strengthen my love. We visited one in Massachusetts one Summer.  And we have taken the boys to The Brevard, Houston and of course The San Antonio Zoo.  The boys love Africa Live.  The Hippos and Giraffes are always favorites of theirs.  Me, I could spend an hour in the Snake House.  I love it.  As terrified as I am that one of the glass windows will pop open and a snake will fall at my feet, it is my favorite part of the whole zoo.  That also explains why I have hundreds of pictures like these on my hard drive. These were taken this weekend.  The boys bought me a family pass for Mothers Day.  Perfect!





Did you make it this far?  If you did, what is your favorite part of the zoo?  Did you go there as a child and do you take your family now?  Be back soon with more pictures of the legged animals! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love the zoo! We always have fun there!

    1. Alvina me too! Hoping to go back again this weekend :) Gotta make good use of my membership!