May 22, 2013

Happiness is________ {week 11} #happinessis

This week has been full of all sorts of surprises. Most which were good ones :)  This week happiness is....

New books.  All I have read in the last few months have been cookbooks, but nothing looked good, so back to some good reading it is.  I started with a book about a man in prison whos last wish is to give his heart to his victims dying sister.  Right up my alley :) 


And how can these sweet faces not make you happy?  My friend is fostering them for the next 4 weeks so If you or anyone you know is looking to add to the pack, let me know!!  They will bring you a life time of happiness!


Speaking of the pack, here is how we spend our afternoons.  This dog has brought so much happiness to our family!  Nothing makes this kid happier than a cuddle with his dog!


Happiness is finding this very cool guy that kept us busy for a few hours.  Time freezes for caterpillars   The boys and I can watch them wiggle around all day long.  My son was more than happy to explain the whole process of becoming a butterfly!  I love that he loves nature as much as I do!


And the greatest happiness this week was watching this guy win a good behavior award at school. He was so nervous but her earned it!  And I am so proud of him :)


What brought you happiness this week? Leave a link in the comments to your status updates, tweets and Instagram photos that make you happy! Or tag them with #happinessis! I would love to see them!  And don't forget to stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and see what is making others happy!


  1. We have the same caterpillars outside and my kiddo loves them too!

  2. awww! sweet boy and his award. super cute with the puppy too! have a great weekend!