April 29, 2013

Tweet that! #HAWMC

Day 28. Create a must follow list for your community on a single social network. Share your top 5-10 tweeters, blogs, or Facebook pages.

Are you on Twitter?  I am!  @Kmunoz28.  I love Twitter.  Although I admit, I have been slacking in being social there lately.  But in an attempt to get back into the swing of things I want to share with you a few amazing tweeters!  There are probably some familiar faces in here because I have shared them before.  They are just that awesome!  Here is my list of Organ Donation must follows!!

 This chick right here!  She used to be RachieB but thats Mrs.W now.  Amazing is what she is.  Rachel got her liver transplant in 2009.  She is a pediatric nurse.  And is also a big deal on YouTube with her amazing make up skills and clothes!

 Amanda had a life saving liver transplant in 2010 after the disease she had been living with for 18 years had finally progressed enough for her to get her new liver.  She is like the peek of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Always looking on the bright side.  

  Paula is one tough mom!  On top of being a spoonie herself.  Her daughter Anna was born with Maple Syrup Urine Disease and just received her new liver last September. Someday we are going to be neighbors!  If she ever moves out of Michigan.  To cold up there for this island girl :)

  Scott is a father who was save by his son.  Through a living donor liver transplant.  May 2012.  His love of his family and of Jesus is so easy to see.  And I can't help but smile when I see his updates as they are always uplifting and so positive.  Just 138 days after his transplant he rode 10.14 miles in the "Not dead yet"  ride to battle cancer!  And now he is talking about a 25 miler.  Such an inspiring man!

  Ricki is a 2x transplant recipient.  She is also a wife and a mother who knows how to fight like hell to live.  She was one of the first people to give me a good heads up on liver disease and then life after transplant.  She didn't sugar coat it and told me straight up what she was dealing with.  Love her for it too.  

And for a few charities and organizations that are a must follow.

  Campaigning for Transplant and Organ Donor Education in Schools in Memory Of Donna Mansell who died waiting for a Heart Transplant.

@DonateLife_  Tweeting on behalf of Donate Life America. Educating the public about the importance of registering as organ, eye and tissue donors. www.donatelife.net

  Restoring Hope Transplant House is a non-profit home for transplant patients and caregivers while in the Madison area for life-saving care at nearby UW Hospital

  A signature pledging your desire to be an organ donor can save the lives of eight people. Register today and be someones hero.

  No matter where you are in the transplant experience, Transplant Living can help you be prepared.

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