April 11, 2013

There's an app for that! Part 2 #HAWMC

Day 10. Favorites
Write about your favorite health iPhone app? Today’s post was recommended by Lori of http://misdiagnosedme.wordpress.com/

Team Android here. Just saying.  There are a few apps that I use daily. Or try to.  The past few weeks were rough but I'm hoping that by the weekend I will be back to myself again.  And that means back to my apps.

This is what my home screen looks like.  The top four apps are my "healthy" apps.   Pay no attention to the second row.  That's the fun stuff!


First up is Daily Miler.  I use this app as a bridge to update my Daily Mile page.  I usually set a goal for the month and this is just a way to track them.  You can also log in online and enter in route you ran or rode. Plus you can add friends and find a ton of inspiration to keep you moving forward.  

C25K.  I'm sure many have heard of this before.  Its also called couch to 5k.  I stopped at week 5 but now that I shared that with yall, I am going to go for a run after I post this!

My Fitness Pal.  I love this app.  I keep track of everything I eat and drink.  Its very often that I enter something that isn't in there already.  And you can just scan the bar codes to enter things too.  At the end of the day you can see how you did. How many calories, fat, carbs and what not you ate.  I recommend this app all the time.  And you can log in online too.  

Fooducate.  I didn't think I was going to keep this one at first but the more I used it the more I fell in love.  Even my boys ask me when we shop to scan their snacks and see its grade.  Its so easy!  Scan the bar code and find out the information.  Its graded A-F.  It tells you why something is good or not good and even gives you an alternative.  Love it.

What are you favorite health apps.  Or any app for that matter.  I am an app-addict!  First step is to admit it...


  1. I absolutely love my fitness pal. I have thought about trying C25K. A little nervous about that one, but I have friends who have done it and love it. You have me extremely interested in fooducate too. Uhoh. :) Thanks for sharing. Off to my phone!

    1. C25K is good. But of course as soon as I got into it I sprained my ankle then got a man blister on my other and just fell way off the wagon. But I'm back :) Did you get fooducate? I love it!!