April 24, 2013

No Social Media?? #HAWMC

Photo: Just realized that these posts haven't been going up! Here is the prompt for Day 23!

“I wish this gizmo could track my condition!” Write about which device, application, program, etc. you wish helped to track your health.


Write about how your life would change if there was no social media. Today’s post was recommended by  Christina of  www.stickwithitsugar.com 


Day 23 (April 23) – Technology
Write about how your life would change if there was no social media. 
Today’s post was recommended by Christina of www.stickwithitsugar.com

No Social Media??  Oh boy, that would be a tough one for me.  For me, someone who is almost home bound, some days social media is my only link to the outside world.  When I started this blog I had no idea how many friends and how much support would come from places like twitter and Facebook   And now if you take away things like Instagram and Pinterest  Id be left to my own imagination.  And while that is perfectly fine, I really would miss it.

I have tried very hard to stay in touch with all my old friends and new ones too.  But in this world, we no longer send letters and talk on the phone.  We post on walls and comment on their photos.  We don't sent pictures or even email the way we used to.  Its almost all done on one or more social media sites.

Last week, I questioned the sites of my Lovenox injections.  My Dr was OK with where I planned to do them, but I was curious about what others who have done them thought.  So I turned to a Facebook page for other patients taking blood thinners and they all assured me that my stomach was the way to go.  They were right.  It was hard the first time, but its my new place!  I often wonder things like am I the only one who gets headaches when my INR is high or the only one experiencing hair loss even thought the Drs say it is not a side effect of my meds.   I know have an outlet to bounce these questions off of and talk to others who are dealing with the same issues.  No, social media is not better than asking your Dr.  But as much as they can be an expert on a condition, if they have not lived in your shoes, they don't understand it 100%.

And without this blog I would have still been all alone in my fight against liver disease and Budd Chiari Syndrome.  I started out feeling like I was the only one in the world with it.  Now I can say that thanks to social media, I am no longer alone.  None of us are.  

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  1. I don't know what I would do without social media! I lobe being able to ask questions about treatments and get personal experiences and recommendations. I love that I can be having a bad day and receive support from friends who truly know what i am going through (you know, the ones that can say "I understand" and MEAN it). Its hard being 31 and feeling so old! And living in a small town it is hard to find someone who is also going through it so I love knowing that i am not alone and have support for my journey!