April 5, 2013

I want to make a difference #HAWMC

Day 5 (April 5) – Aspiration

If there was one thing I could do, no limits on money or time, I would love to help more people register as organ donors.  I can't even count how many times I have asked someone if they were a donor and only gotten confused looks or excuses that made no sense at all.  Have you ever been watching TV and seen a commercial about organ donation.  I mean really, other than Greys Anatomy, how often do you see stories, real stories about people who are waiting for a transplant or others who's lives were touched by donation?  Next to never.  Around here anyways.  I just wish I could shout it from the roof tops.  Organ donation saves lives.  You could save lives.  I can't think of any excuse to put it off.

I know as one person I can not convince millions of people to register as organ donors, but I can try.  I set out each year to help convince a few friends each year to register.  One year it was 10 and maybe this year it will be more.   I love to think that I am helping someone make the choice to save someone elses life.  Somewhere out there is the perfect liver for me.  But what if no one ever tells that person just how important it is to be an organ donor.  What if he or she wants to be a donor but never talks to their family about it.  Then when the time comes, the family says no to donating!  I want everyone to know just how important this is not just to me but to the other 117, 808 people on the transplant list with me.

I hope that though this blog and the rest of the places I hang out here on the internet, I will someday be able to say that I helped someone register and that they saved a life.  And before anyone gets negative, Im not wishing anything bad to happen to anyone. But if anything were to happen to them, I would like to know that I had helped in them making a decision that was going to save the life of 8 other people.  I really hope this sounds the way it does in my head...

I just want to do my part.  Help someone see the value and importance of organ donation.  And if they can continue to spread the word maybe, just maybe we could help out a few of the people just waiting for a hero.

So you are already a registered donor, but think you can't help now?  You may need all your organs now but here are a few ways you can help out today!

Donating Blood.  Did you know that there is someone needing blood every 2 seconds?  During the Summer and Winter holidays the supply is always at its lowest.  And one pint of blood can save 3 people.  If there is not enough of the matching blood for a patient who is going to be getting an organ tranplant, they may have to pass.  So check out your local Blood donation centers and see if you can help save a life today.

Bone Marrow.  This is another think near and dear to our hearts in this family.  Most people that know David know he was also a bone marrow donor for his brother who was fighting leukemia.  Many people ask "Where do I even start?"  Its a big leap from donating blood.  It is a procedure done in the hospital and from what David remembers, its pretty painful.  But the chance to save a life, is so worth it.  If you would like to, please go to Be The Match and see what you need to do to be a marrow donor.

And if you havent already, Please go to Donate Life America and see what you need to do to become a registered Organ Donor.  You could be someones hero you know!

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