April 6, 2013

Dear 50 year old me #HAWMC

Day 6 
Write a letter to an older you (tell us what age you’re writing to!). What do you want to ask yourself? What lesson do you want to make sure you remember?

Dear Kim,

Happy 50th Birthday.  You are officially over the hill.  Well lets call it a mountain.  You have come this far and done so many things that you weren't sure you ever would.  Twenty years ago, you had no idea where life would take you.  You didn't want to think to far ahead or dream to big. But you pushed yourself to believe that even the biggest of your dreams would come true.

What have you accomplished this far.  You cheered and cried as you watched your boys graduate. You hugged them tight as they left home.  And and again as you watched them fall in love and get married.  There was a time when you were worried you wouldn't be around to see them grow up and now you are preparing to be a grandma.

All these thing would not be possible with out the gift that you were given.  We thought the call would never come, but one day it did.  What was going through your mind as they were wheeling you in for surgery?  What was your first thought when you opened your eyes again?  I suppose that your way of thanking your liver donor was to live life to the fullest.  You have done that!

You dreamed of taking the boys are vacations to see all the things you saw as a kid.  And more. What trip was your favorite?  Was it Mount Rushmore?  Niagara Falls?  I bet it was taking the boys back home and watching them swim in the beautiful blue waters that you grew up in.  How could it be anything else?!  I bet it was amazing!

And now that you know that you can do anything what else is there you still want to do?  Have you swam with sharks yet?  Or visited all the continents? If there is anything we can learn from you its that the sky is the limit and the only thing holding us back is ourselves.  Thank you for inspiring me to dream bigger and go further.

With love,

You, 20 years ago


  1. If I had just one prayer/wish to give to one friend - this would be it. This letter to be delivered to you on your 50th birthday. It will happen and until it does know that you are sharing so much strength, love and hope with all of us. Hugs friend.

  2. Christina, Thank you so much! Sending hugs right back :)