April 3, 2013

Because I AM happy! #HAWMC

Today’s Prompt:
(No so) Wordless Wednesday.  Post a picture that symbolizes your condition and your experiences.

I know I have shared this photo on Facebook but I feel that it works perfect for the prompt of the day: Find a picture today that you think tells the story of YOU.   Why does it speak to you?


A friend shot this for me when we went to take some pictures in a bluebonnet patch last weekend. As I was going though the pictures my first thought was "man, I look so puffy".  But then when I showed it to David he said he liked it mostly because I look really happy.  And that made me take a closer look.

Five years ago, I couldn't even picture being where I am today.  I wasn't sure if I would make it through the week.  I was pregnant and even the Drs were worried that one of us wouldn't make it to delivery.  Anthony, my oldest, was asking questions that I didn't know how to answer and I was pushing everyone away and shutting them out because I thought it would be easier on them if anything happened to me.  I wanted to live, but I didn't know if I would.  

But I found my way out of the dark.  I decided I was going to fight.  For me, for my boys and for my marriage.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself.  I started taking life more seriously and not so serious at the same time.  I learned to roll with the punches even though they knocked me down a few times.  And I started to live again.  

I know that things will never be the same as they used to be.  Plans change and new issues will come up along the way.   Things will not always go the way I want or plan them to.  But I am here.  I am alive.  And I am happy.  That's what this picture says to me.


  1. such a wonderful picture!! You are such a beacon of light!

    1. Thank you Veronica. Sometimes it gets a little dark around here. I love when I can post positive and happy things!

  2. Wow, what a touching story and amazing story!!! Glad you found your way and made it through it all

    1. Some days are harder than others, but in the end, I am proud of how far I have come and how happy I am :) Thanks!

  3. Its a really beautiful picture and you do look ever so Happy in it